True health is not the pursuit of the perfect body!

I do not just council about weight loss; the word "diet" has no place in my vocabulary. Instead, I teach about proper nutrition to help support good health and well-being designed for your unique needs. I find that most people are so focused on pursuing weight loss that they actually forget about their health. How many popular fad diets came and went over the last few decades? I believe it's because there was a slew of people simultaneously trying the newest diet craze who collectively expereinced results, but the hype began to fade after everyone started going back to old habits, untimatley gaining back the weight.  The new diet was just not sustainable enough to maintain long term health because something was missing... 

Sustainable health is attained by making personal lifestyle changes that suits your unique individual needs that not only includes better nourishment, but also includes balancing mind, body and spirit. This means intergrating stress management, proper exercise and sprituality that feeds the soul! 


INITIAL CONSULTATION          $75.00/hour
You are required to keep a food diary at least one week before your appointment. The first visit may be over an hour to review diary and discuss history of health.

FOLLOW UP VISIT                    $60.00/hour
Usually made about two weeks after initial appointment to follow up on progress, answer any questions, or make further changes.