Testimonial 1

"After a horrific and near fatal car accident, many weeks/months of recovery and physical therapy I began working with Sandy. She brings not just a full and encompassing knowledge of the physical body and what each body needs, but a great compassion and understanding of the mind/body/spirit connection. She takes the time to find you where you are and work with you for true healing. Her gifts are real. Her knowledge is extensive. She teaches as she works to get you to full health. She creates a safe place for her clients to ask questions, and supports you through practice, knowledge and genuine care on all levels of health. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She will be a part of my ongoing health development for as long as it takes to regain what was lost in this accident. With Sandy's knowledge and guidance, I believe I can find what I need to have a complete physical life again."

— Susan Young

Testimonial 2

"We visited Sandy about a year ago to get nutritional advice and her insight to healthy living in general. Her therapeutic sensitivity and knowledge was very helpful. She not only provided dietary direction, but, as a top notch fitness instructor, she assisted with the proper type exercise regimen. We found this holistic approach resulted in some pretty positive results for both of us and we whole-heartily recommend her "complete wellness" approach. She's the best!"

— Macyn and Carolyn Bolt

For the past five years, I have been a client of an exceptional massage therapist—Sandy Partridge. Her massages have helped me heal from falls, stress and grief. I schedule massages twice a month.
— Jeanne

Testimonial 3

I have been taking Sandy's classes for over a year now. Yoga stretch and flow and sometimes Rip & Ride. Sandy has an awesome way of teaching. She totally becomes part of the class, yet you feel her leadership in what she says and does—and is so much fun.

I have become a better person because of her and my body has become better too through her. I have learned so much about how my body works. She explains everything so well and all that we learn stays with us and can be used anywhere in our daily lives. Having lower back issues and opposite arm, opposite leg stretches to the rescue. Feeling cold and the breath of fire does the trick! Want to get your digestive juices flowing? Get more energy, calm down, etc., etc., etc.? Sandy shows us all this. Hell, thanks to her, I've even learned how to breath correctly!!!

She is a wonderful person, confident in what she does, gentle and encouraging and so very, very caring.

— Cindy Jones

Testimonial 4

Testimonial 5

I have known Sandy for several years as a trainer, nutritionist, massage therapist and yoga teacher. I have enjoyed her classes and still get a lot out of her teaching. I've worked with many trainers and find her one of the best.

— Mary Hanel

Testimonial 6

I have known Sandy Partridge for several years. In that time, I have taken "Stretch & Flow" classes, nutrition programs and best of all Massage Therapy.

Sandy is a caring and considerate young lady. She cares about helping you to feel better. I like to say "Sandy has million dollar hands."

The Nutrition Programs are right on. She gives you the latest information from her research.

It's been a pleasure knowing Sandy whether she is conducting a Stretch & Flow class or doing massage therapy on my neck and back.

— Isabel Keppel

Testimonial 7

Sandra Partridge (Back in Balance) has played a key role in helping me control back pain after low back surgery several years ago. Her yoga and stretch classes have helped me keep my body supple—in her quiet way, she encourages us to reach just a little further—and her wonderful massages go a long way in taking away some of the pain.

Aside from helping me with my back, she also performed a "miracle" with my shoulder. I presented one day with such a painful shoulder I could hardly move it and after an hour of intensive massage in the area, I walked out free of pain and remain pain-free in that area.

— Valerie Brairton

I have know Sandy Partridge for about 12-15 years both as a friend and a professional. 

Sandy has helped me with a number of arthritic problems. I am a senior citizen of 83 and have stenosis of the back along with shoulder problems and have two hip replacements. I see Sandy about every three weeks and after the massage, I feel much better moving around. Sandy is always very caring and concerned about my current arthritic complaints and addresses them in a professional way. Sandy does a very gentle, but firm massage.

She is always on time for my appointments and conducts herself in a professional manner. She is interested in educating herself more about her profession. She has come a long way and is very goal oriented. I admire her.

— Jeanne Mulligan

Testimonial 8